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Extra Chain Lengths and Replacement Chain

Size Guide

Extra Chain for our Main Emblem and Word Tag Necklaces so you can wear your Emblem at different lengths for different occasions. 
Cable Chain is available in 19 inch, 27 inch, and 35 inch lengths. 

This Chain is the Antique Bronze and/or Antique Silver Drawn Cable Chain used for our main Emblems and our Word of Honor Tattoo Necklaces. It will come with our Lobster Claw Clasp attached to the Chain and 2 extra Jump Rings. 

* These prices are for the chain only - does not include Bolt Pendant. These photos are just for length reference. Lightning Bolt Pendant is sold separately. 

* These Chain options will not fit our Mini Pendants. 

 on all U.S.A. Orders


Sizing Chart